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At we are passionate about e-cigarettes and all the fun accessories that come with it. We sell the best e-cigarettes and e-juices on the market in many different colors, sizes, flavors and brands. More and more people are discovering that e-cigarettes are not just hot air, and in line with the growing audience, the market is expanding, so that more exciting products are constantly being added. At, we follow developments closely and take the lead in new initiatives and products that can be found on our website. Our website is built around this concept, where you as a customer meet with all the best we offer. Welcome to - the professional e-retailer for both the brand new or experienced steamer!


Why should i start?

There are plenty of reasons to take the plunge from the cigarettes to the steaming alternative. You still have something in your hands, but it neither smells nor tastes ugly. Instead, you get the wonderful feeling of inhaling e-juice with your favorite flavor and exhaling thick vapor without filling your lungs with tar, benzene and thousands of other substances. With an e-cigarette, you get exactly the same physical satisfaction without the negative cost of a regular cigarette, as has been proven time and time again by medical studies. At the same time, your surroundings will thank you for getting rid of passive cigarette smoke. At, we make sure to deliver the market's most delicious products to you who enter want to get rid of the smokers or have long steamed.


Where should i start?

At, we specialize in delivering absolutely top quality goods to you regardless of your knowledge of e-steam in advance. For you who are new to the steam universe, we fully understand that it can be confusing to step into. Coils, mods and drip tips are confusing elements for the first-time buyer, and it can be difficult to figure out what to do. use. There are many e-cigarette starter kits, but which one meets your exact needs can be difficult to read. Here at we are ready with expert guidance, and you are always welcome to contact us in relation to getting started, our products or other steam-related questions on telephone 71 99 36 59 Monday to Friday between 10 -14. You can also write to our email at or our online chat on the website.


Our huge selection

On our site you can explore our wide range of e-steam products and accessories. At, we sell from well-known companies from Aspire, Joyetech and SMOK, and with the wide menu bar at the top of the page, you can dive into the various product categories. The various dropdown menus make it easy and clear to shop around, and if you are a beginner, you can, for example, look around among our starter kits or e-cigarette liquids. For the more experienced vapors, you can find advanced sets and upgrades in the menus and atomizers for e-cigarettes, batteries & mods, coils and accessories as well as VPG bases for self-mixers. There is something for everyone at, and at the same time there are menus that show our various news and offers as well as the various well-known brands we sell. Our search function at the top is for the seasoned vapors who knows exactly what to put in the shopping cart.

On the front page, we always highlight a number of suggestions among our huge product range. It can be anything from items like e-juice in a new flavor and new coils, to expensive mods, 18650 batteries and entire starter kits. The offers are regularly posted on our website. Enter the store or click on


A market in constant evolution

With a growing interest in e-cigarettes, more and more manufacturers of vapor-related products are emerging. Of course, this leads to an ever-increasing range of innovative ideas, and we at do everything we can to get the ideas out to our customers. We look forward from the front line when new companies try to prove their worth and make a name for themselves in the market. To push the development in the right direction, we often introduce exciting news on our website, which can both show new smokers, the many exciting opportunities as well as expand the horizons for seasoned smokers and thereby keep the joy of e-cigarettes up. We also try to keep you up to date with news on our e-cigarette blog here on the webshop.


Safe webshop

We take e-cigarettes and customer service seriously, and our website reflects our approach to transparent and credible e-commerce. Our webshop is certified with the e-brand, and we make sure to guarantee our customers the safest framework for online shopping. You can therefore safely shop among our quality products at our SSL-encrypted webshop, We accept payment from credit cards, mobilepay and Viabill.


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