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Pink-mule is a Danish company with great ambitions. We are five employees who only sell the best products on the market for e-cigarettes through our webshop and our store in Aulum (between Herning and Holstebro). At Pink Mules, we are passionate about the steam world, but we also know that navigating a variety of questionable products and retailers can be confusing. If you are brand new to e-cigarettes, nothing can ruin the joy of steaming like the countless technical terms and concepts associated with. What mixing ratio should your e-juice have? Which coil are you looking for? How many watts should your MOD have? These are complicated questions for a new steamer, but important nonetheless. In addition to selling the products in our huge range, we also communicate at eye level with a wide Danish audience by taking the advanced subject terminology down to an understandable level for beginners, without more tanned steam heads having to feel overlooked. Pink-mule deals with e-cigarette starter kits and advanced steam equipment in high quality and ensures through competent advice and good customer service that our many customers get the very best experience by shopping with us - every time!


Our history

Since October 2012, Pink-mule has traded in products for steamers like ourselves. We know what our customers want, and together we have over 20 years of experience with e-cigarettes. It has built up an expertise that we are happy to distribute to pass on the joy of the steam world. The interest in smoking e-cigarettes is not surprisingly rising at a time when regular cigarettes are becoming more and more phased out in society. We do not judge any smokers, but experience a great many smokers who are happy to take the leap from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. There are e-cigarettes that act as a substitute for cigarettes both in taste and feeling. The only major difference is that the contents are replaced with tasty steam. At Pink-mule, we are at the forefront of a market that is transforming the growing interest into new and innovative products. It is literally something for everyone, and it is our great ambition and mission to present a wide range of different products. However, we refuse to slacken on quality, which is why we only sell goods from the best manufacturers on the market. Everything is extensively tried and tested before it hits the shelves, providing a sense of security that sets us apart from many other e-cigarette retailers.


Our own e-liquid brand Cloud

We have taken our expertise, intuition and good taste and put it down in the witch's cauldron. It was transformed into our own brand of top quality e-liquid, which we are constantly developing and working on. It's called Cloud, and we are very proud to produce a product that has been prepared with an ear for our customers' wishes. We taste test all the liquids we produce, and our own production means that we can see how the liquids behave under different temperatures. Our flavors range from classics like strawberries and licorice over more traditional tobacco flavors to the more fun flavors of emperor sweets, hunter bomb and bats (FlavorMus). The cloud liquid comes from some of the very best manufacturers in Europe, under sterile conditions and by staff with hygiene certificates. The cloud fluids are for all smokers, whether it is through MTL or sub-ohm. The mixing ratios are available in both VG50 / PG50 and VG70 / PG30, and all the liquid is water-based.


Safety comes first

Vores hjemmeside afspejler vores professionelle tilgang til e-cigaretter, og vores kunder kan trygt handle hos os. Vores hjemmeside har naturligvis e-mærket, som er det certifikat, der garanterer sikker og gennemsigtig handel i Danmark. Med e-mærket dækkes du af køberbeskyttelse, der ligger på op til 10.000 kroner ved hver handel. Forudsætningen er blandt andet, at den erhvervsdrivende kontrolleres løbende, så du garanteres en tryg handel hos Pink-mule. Vores webshop er stor, og vi garanterer sikre rammer, når du handler hos os. Vi anvender SSL-kryptering, så dine indtastninger sikres mod misbrug. Betalingen kan ske ved hjælp af kreditkort, Mobilepay eller Viabill, og vi garanterer en hurtig levering inden for 1-3 dage. Når du handler hos os, smider vi fri fragt oven i dit køb, så længe beløbet, der handles for, er over 299 kroner. 


Alltid god kundeservice

We want to stand out positively in the market for e-cigarettes and accessories. Our ambition is to be the Danes' absolute favorite retailer of e-cigarettes and steam equipment for both the new and the experienced steamer. That is why we are always ready to answer any questions regarding our products, general help to get started or something third. We believe that our customers get the very best experience with us, and therefore you can always contact us either in our store in Aulum, on our online chat on the website, on the phone number 71 99 36 59 or the email support @ pink-mule. com. Our customer service embraces more than questions and guidance, as we also cater to our customers with offers and information that is relevant to them. We regularly update our blog, where we write about everything in the steam world. For example, we give good advice on steam in the workplace, various technical explanations and write about the latest studies on e-cigarettes. We have also set up a customer club that you can sign up for. Here you get a newsletter about every other week with our new offers and other information.


Welcome to

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