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Pay with Apple Pay & Google Pay

If you want to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, there are a few things you need to know before you can pay with these two smart payment options.

What is Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Apple and Google Pay are your digital wallet that you can use to pay for everything from your groceries to your online store. Apple and Google store your physical debit card in a digital punk that acts as a virtual or digital credit card. You are now ready to pay both online and offline. Apple Pay can be used at just about any contactless payment terminal in physical stores.


These two payment solutions can be compared a bit with Mobilepay as most Danes already know, or have encountered in their everyday lives, whether it is because grandmother gave ice cream in the kiosk and had forgotten her credit card or the parents who had to transfer pocket money to their child.
The difference between Mobilepay and e.g. Apple Pay is that Apple Pay goes across different devices and can contain a host of other different types of cards. It is easy and safe to use. You can e.g. use Apple's Face ID to confirm the payment with. The security of Apple and Google Pay is incredibly high and only gets higher.


Now you as a user might be thinking, "Well, I'm not crazy about giving them my card information."
Then our answer is: You can do it safely. You no longer have to press buttons or have cash in hand. In addition to this, so when you pay with e.g. Apple Pay uses the system a device-specific number and a unique transaction code. This means that your card number will never be stored on either your device or Apple's servers. And when you pay, Apple never shares your card information with the retailer and your purchases are a private matter. This means that Apple never stores transaction information that can be traced back to you as a user.


Isn't that smart? :-)

How do I pay then?

To be able to pay with these two new payment options, you must meet the following:

Pay with Apple Pay: Here you need an iPhone and use Apple's own browser Safari when shopping before you can pay with Apple Pay. As a result, you can not pay with Apple Pay if you use Google Chrome as the browser on your iPhone.

Pay with Google Pay: To pay with Google Pay, use an Android phone and use Google Chrome as your browser.

Of course, both of the above payment options require that you have set up your credit card with the Apple wallet or the Google Pay app.

Setting up Google Pay

Setting up Apple Pay

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