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Today, more people are using e-cigarettes. In comparison, today you can find a wide selection of different e-liquids with different tastes and specifications. However, it can be difficult to find your way around the large selection when it comes to finding the e-liquid that suits you. Therefore, here is a guide on how to find the right e-liquid for your e-cigarette that matches your needs and preferences. Here at you will find a varied selection of e-cigarettes and associated e-liquids.

When talking about e-cigarettes, all the parts are important, but in many cases it is the e-liquid that completes the experience. To create the slightest water vapor, one needs e-liquid. This e-liquid has many names and one will come across words like e-juice in several places which denote the same product. You may also come across a word such as smoking liquid, which in principle is the same except that you do not smoke an e-cigarette, but you instead vape on it.

Practically speaking, it is about when you steam on your e-cigarette, then it is the e-liquid that you fill the container that evaporates. This is done, among other things, with the help of the heating element with which the e-cigarette is equipped. For this process, one must also use the battery, which must be activated in order for it to provide power to heat the e-liquid. After the e-liquid has been heated, it will turn to water vapor. It is precisely the water vapor that you suck in from your mouthpiece.

You can constantly fill up with new e-liquid on your e-cigarette. How exactly to do this depends on which e-cigarette you have and also which liquid container it is equipped with. What one can generally say is that the e-liquid is filled on the clearomizer, which acts as a kind of tank on the e-cigarette. You should also never fill the tank completely, but instead keep some air in the tank. You should also let the e-liquid stand and draw in the tank for a few minutes before starting to vape. It is important to understand how the e-cigarette is built in the form of a battery, atomizer and coil, so that you have the best conditions for changing and refilling new e-liquid on your e-cigarette.

Basic or regular e-liquid?

As mentioned, there are many different e-liquids on the market today, which is why in many cases it can seem overwhelming to find head and tail in it all. What you can say is that the e-liquid is made of an aroma, ie a variant in relation to taste, where you can choose your favorite fruit, a specific chewing gum taste or other flavors that you like. This choice should be made solely according to what but individually seems to taste good. You can choose to try a few different flavors, so you know roughly which way to go. So it is completely different from person to person.

Because there are so many different e-liquids on the market, one will also quickly find that the price varies. What is expensive in the e-liquid is primarily the aroma, which is the taste. Here one would then be able to say that the e-liquids in which there is a lot of aroma are more expensive than those in which there is less. In the cheaper e-liquids there will also be only a few flavors, while in the more expensive e-liquids you may have mixed several different flavors, and this will make the taste experience completely different.

Content of PG / VG

When choosing your e-liquid, you should also pay attention to the content of PG / VG. These give the e-liquid different qualities, and you can therefore choose an e-liquid with half the content of each. However, e-liquids consist of other than PG and VG. These substances are mixed with mineral water so that they become a more liquid liquid that you can use in your e-cigarette. In addition, the taste in the e-liquid comes from aromas. If it is a liquid with nicotine content, nicotine liquid has also been added.

PG: It is an agent that has been approved for use as an additive in the food industry.

This food makes the taste more penetrating and adds a stronger taste that you will feel in the throat. What purely physiologically happens in the body when one ingests propylene glycol is that it is broken down into lactic and acetic acid, which are quite harmless to humans.

VG: It comes from vegetable fat - ie plant parts such as seeds. The substance allows you to produce more steam. This means that the steam feels thicker and softer in the throat at the same time. The content of VG also means that you will experience the taste of the e-liquid being sweeter in the end.

This means that if you are in favor of good taste, then you should hunt for an e-juice with a higher content of PG. If, on the other hand, you want very powerful steam, you will have more pleasure from an e-juice with a high content of VG.

The taste of the e-liquid

All people are different, and therefore it can be difficult to give a concrete answer as to which taste and mixture of e-liquid suits a particular person. It is basically about taste and pleasure. Therefore, you will not be able to avoid trying out different flavor compositions to find your favorite.

Tobacco taste: There is no denying that e-cigarettes and tobacco smoking have something to do with each other. This is also the reason why many people want a taste of tobacco when using an e-cigarette. It is only natural that if you have previously smoked regular tobacco cigarettes, then you will be happy with the well-known tobacco taste. However, it is not only former smokers who like this taste of tobacco. Tobacco is leaves from a plant, and these leaves have been used for many years as a stimulant for many people, precisely because of the very prevalent taste of tobacco. This is precisely why this taste is one of the e-liquids that you can get in most taste combinations. That way, you have ample opportunity to find your completely personal favorite. The tobacco taste is found both in soft blends that are used when smoking a pipe, the more distinctive flavors from cigarette tobacco and variants from cigar smoking. In many cases, the descriptions of the flavors in the e-liquids will be very complete, so you have the best conditions to find exactly the taste of tobacco that you like best.

Get the craving for candy: When you research the market for e-liquids, you will quickly get a glimpse of the many e-liquids with sweet flavors. They will taste of different sweets, desserts and other things that the sugar tooth is totally crazy about. This means that if you have a very sweet tooth who likes sweets and sweet things, then you can choose to buy an e-liquid with a sweet taste. If during the day you feel like emptying the candy drawer, you can instead use your e-cigarette, which is filled with sweet e-liquids.

Fresh flavors: The next thing you can not fail to notice in your search for the best e-liquid is the e-liquids with flavors of menthol and mint. These flavors are also available in several different varieties, and many consumers of e-cigarettes are crazy about this variant. There are also other fresh flavors on the market such as different fruit flavors.

Nicotine in the e-liquid

Nicotine in the e-liquid: If you choose an e-liquid with nicotine, you will experience a slightly sharper taste. The nicotine-containing liquid will also affect the body mildly as an intoxicant. At, however, there are also various nicotine-free e-liquids. If you are not used to or addicted to nicotine, then it is recommended that you do not start on it. If you want to try e-liquids with nicotine anyway, you can start by trying a mild variant.

Nicotine strength: If you try to stop smoking your tobacco with e-cigarettes, you can make it easier for yourself if you choose an e-liquid that has about the same amount of nicotine as what you are used to. This means that if you normally smoke 20-30 cigarettes a day, you can choose an e-liquid with a very high nicotine content, to create an easier transition. If, on the other hand, you usually smoke less than ten cigarettes in a day, you can choose an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content. If you do it this way, you will get the same amount of nicotine that you have been used to. Gradually, you can reduce the nicotine in your e-liquid.

When it comes to nicotine strengths, it's mostly about the sizes 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg and 20 mg. In many cases, you will be able to mix the strengths yourself, so you get the strength that suits your own needs. If you try e-cigarettes in connection with your smoking cessation, and you have just started, then you use the standard ratios: one milligram of nicotine per. cigarette. This means that if you normally smoke six cigarettes a day, you should start by finding an e-liquid with a nicotine strength of six milligrams.

It is important to pay special attention to the nicotine content of the e-liquid so that you do not get too much. If you do, you may experience nicotine poisoning. This can cause dizziness, headaches, high blood pressure, stomach pain, vomiting, cramps in various parts of the body and palpitations. You can therefore with advantage get guidance here at, so you make sure that you find exactly the amount you need - and no more.

When you vape on e-cigarettes, where you have filled e-liquid with nicotine in, then the nicotine is absorbed in the throat and in the airways. There are three factors that determine whether you get a lot or a little out of the nicotine that is in your favorite e-liquid.

  • The first, of course, is the potency of nicotine.
  • The other thing that plays a role when it comes to how much nicotine one gets out of one's steaming is how powerful a battery one's e-cigarette is equipped with.
  • The last thing is how much resistance in one's e-cigarette coil is. In order to get more out of the nicotine content in the e-liquid, you can therefore reduce the resistance in the coil based on the above, while at the same time increasing the strength that the battery provides. Here, however, one must keep in mind that the strength of current and resistance go hand in hand. This means that if you increase the battery power without reducing the resistance, there is a risk that you burn your coil off. And vice versa - if you reduce the resistance in the coil, and you do not increase the strength that the battery should bring, then you do not get much steam. Therefore, it is important that you both remember to increase the strength of the battery while remembering to reduce the resistance in the coil.

Effects and consumption

One can find e-cigarettes in several different sizes and with several different features. You will quickly find your own consumption of e-liquids, and it naturally depends both on how much you use your e-cigarette, but also which model you have chosen. When talking about one's consumption of e-liquids, one should note the number of watts. Here you can as a rule of thumb use: The higher the number of watts, the more e-juice you need to use.

When choosing the e-liquid that best suits oneself, one should consider the above points. What you have to deal with to a great extent is how much quality and taste must mean in the hunt for the favorite e-liquid. Next, you need to think about what flavor you want. Finally, you must consider the content of VG and PG - that is, whether you want the amount of steam or taste. offers e-liquids of extremely good quality. There is a varied selection of e-liquids for e-cigarettes. There are several different flavors here, so there is something for every need. Here you are very passionate about e-cigarettes as well as the accessories that come with it. If you just want to get hold of the best e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the market, then it is at

A selection of e-cigarette liquid

At you will find e-liquids from well-known brands such as Sundbygaard, Liqua, Vampire Vape and many more.

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