Terms of trade

Terms of trade

Conclusion of agreement
1. An order placed on Pink-mule.com is not a legally binding agreement. Pink-mule.com therefore has the option to cancel your order due to printing errors, technical problems, delivery failures and similar situations. Binding invoice will be sent to you when the ordered items are shipped from our warehouse.

2. Once you have placed an order via our website, our system will automatically send you an email stating which items you have ordered.You should be aware that the automatic reply (via e-mail) is not a legally binding order confirmation, whereby an agreement has been entered into.

3. All contracts are entered into in Danish.
Sale and order online at Pink-Mule.com
At Pink-mule.com you can pay with:
Diners Club
Visa Electron
Paid with a debit card, you are always protected against misuse. You have the option of rejecting a payment when you receive your payment summary. You have no deductible in the event that your card is misused in an online store that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. Thus, you are better secured than in the physical world, where you have a deductible of DKK 1,200 when your Dankort is misused using the PIN code. Data that you send in connection with purchases paid for with payment cards is encrypted (SSL), and thus only PBS can read them. Neither Pink-mule.com nor others have the ability to read the data. The amount for the goods is deducted only when the goods are sent from Pink-mule.com. An amount greater than what you have approved at the time of purchase can never be deducted. If you want to finance your purchase on Pink-mule.com, an agreement with ViaBill may be possible. It only takes a few minutes to complete an application. After a normal credit rating, you will receive a response to your application within 15 minutes of their opening hours. See their conditions at: www.ViaBill.dk. All inquiries regarding. ViaBill should be directed to ViaBill and not Pink-mule.com.
Age restriction
Cf. rules for the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine-containing products Pink-mule.com does not allow sales to young people under 18 years of age. By accepting age-gate and trading conditions, you agree that you are over 18 years of age. Pink-mule.com cannot be held responsible for sales to young people under the age of 18 via the webshop. There will be no delivery to young people under 18 or people without photo identification upon request in our physical store in Aulum. If there is a suspicion of online sales to a person under the age of 18 before sending goods, the order will be canceled without further notice, as well as the amount returned to the used credit card.
Shipping / Delivery
Pink-Mule.com offers free delivery with PostNord Denmark for orders over 50€. The prices are:

  • PostNord Tracked Parcel: 6,70€.
  • PostNord Mypack Collect: 6,70€.

All packages are sent via  PostNord. All shipments are provided with track and trace, which gives you a security with the delivery. You always have the opportunity to follow your package on PostNord's website. Unless otherwise agreed, we always ship your entire order together. You can also choose to buy products in our physical store in Aulum by appointment by phone or email. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order pick-up in Aulum via the webshop. Should your goods be damaged during delivery, please contact the shipping provider and point out that your package has been damaged during shipping. Delivery time is usually 1-3 business days. We strive to ship orders placed before noon. 15 next weekday. When ordering goods at a remote warehouse, the delivery time is usually 3-5 working days.
Should some items unfortunately be sold out and thus have extra delivery time, we will contact you as soon as possible for a possible delivery date. We automatically send order confirmation and invoice via email when your order is shipped. If you want the package to be put in a special place, if you are not at home to receive, it can easily be done. Responsibility for the package then falls to the consumer / buyer. We point out that we do not guarantee delivery to non-bridged islands. If in doubt, feel free to contact us. In case of lost shipments, the freight providers have up to 72 hours from a search for a package to find it. If your package is very late in delivery, please contact either the shipping supplier or Pink-mule, so that a search for the package can be initiated.




E-branded webshop
Pink-mule.com is an e-branded webshop. With the e-brand, you are covered by a buyer protection of up to DKK 10,000 per trade, and at the same time the trader is continuously checked, so you are guaranteed a safe and transparent e-commerce. See Pink-mule.com's certificate at E-mæket here.
Right of withdrawal
In consumer purchases, you as a private consumer have a 14-day right of withdrawal under the Consumer Contracts Act. The right of withdrawal cannot be invoked by traders. (See special provisions for traders below). If the company name and CVR number are filled in when ordering, the purchase is considered to be a business purchase. The right of withdrawal only applies to a) agreements entered into by distance selling / online via Pink-mule.com (b) agreements entered into outside Pink-mule.com's business premises in Aulum. Use of the right of withdrawal does not mean that you have an unconditional right to get the full amount of the item returned. If the item has been handled in such a way that it has no value, you will not be entitled to a refund of the purchase price. To get the full purchase price returned, the item must only be used to the same degree as is accepted before the purchase in a regular physical store. Before you send an item back, you must therefore make yourself clear whether an ordinary store would accept the use to which the item has been subjected. You therefore have the right to view the product and try out certain functions. On the other hand, the return amount can be reduced if the item has been used for a longer period or shows signs of wear at all. The cost of shipping in case of cancellation / mistake purchase is paid by the consumer.
Examples of use that do not trigger full or partial return of purchase price Tank where liquid has been filled / or the tank has been in use. Batteries with clear signs of use. Coils where liquid has been filled and / or used. RBA parts which clearly bear the mark of commissioning. Note: Shipped liquid is generally not returned when it has left Pink-mule.com's warehouse, as this is classified as a hygiene product. Used tanks are generally not returned, as these are classified as hygiene products and can not be properly resold. It is possible to undo parts of a total purchase. In case of partial cancellation, your delivery costs will not be reimbursed. 4. If you wish to make use of your 14-day right of withdrawal, you must notify us no later than 14 days after the day on which you received the item. The notice must be given in the form of an unequivocal statement by email to support@pink-mule.com. It is therefore not enough that you give notice of the exercise of the right of withdrawal over the phone. If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal and submit it to our physical store in Aulum, you can also do this. Return in this store, however, does not provide cash payout. The given amount will be paid by bank transfer once the item has been inspected and tested by our technical department. 5. The return shipping in case of cancellation is at the buyer's expense. You can contact Pink-mule.com if you want to buy a return label for GLS via our webshop. The price for this is DKK 50 incl. VAT. Note that the package must be handed in with a label to the nearest GLS Pakkeshop. 6. Do not pick up your item in e.g. GLS Pakkeshop, this is returned to Pink-mule.com. This is not considered a valid ground for withdrawal. Upon receipt to our warehouse, your order will be refunded minus the cost of shipping out and home. A cancellation purchase must be sent to the following address: Flapour UG C / O Pink-mule.com Kanalholmen 22 2650 Hvidovre Note: we do not accept packages sent by post. cash on delivery or similar. Parcels sent to parcel shops are not picked up. Packages must be sent directly to our address. When an order is returned, please enclose your order number or telephone number. 8. You can download the standard cancellation form here. www.retsinformation.dk/Forms/R0710.aspx?id=160666#Bil3
Pink-mule.com provides a 2-year warranty under the Purchase Act, covering manufacturing and material defects that are understood in normal use. This means that you can either have the item exchanged, the item repaired, the money back or a reduction in the price. This will depend on the specific situation and that the complaint is justified. Pink-mule.com will assess on the basis of the individual case which of the mentioned solutions can be offered. - This, of course, requires that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen as a result of incorrect use of the product or other damaging behavior. - If it is assessed that the product has impact damage or other form of non-compliance, all right of complaint on the product lapses. - No defects or damages caused by the user or caused by improper use of the product can be complained about. Ordinary wear and tear is not subject to complaint. This also applies to products with a limited shelf life. - The right of complaint does not apply to coils that have worked from the start. Defects and damages caused by third-party products do not fall under the right of complaint. Therefore, always test whether the product works in another setup. This can e.g. be another tank or other batteries. - For all goods (including goods with a limited shelf life), it applies that ordinary wear and tear / spoilage is not a defect within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act, even though wear and tear / spoilage may occur before the expiry of the 2-year warranty. Pink-mule.com does not provide a guarantee for mods and batteries where RBA, RDA, RTA etc. have been used (tanks in which the coil / burner is built by the user). The right of complaint does not apply to received liquid, which does not taste as expected, unless there has been a significant change in the taste recipe by the manufacturer. Please remember to complain within a reasonable time after you have established the defect / error. It is a requirement that you complain within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect / defect in the item. If you complain within 2 months after the error / defect has been discovered, the complaint is always considered timely. In the event of damage / defects upon receipt, the product must NEVER be used until we have made a decision on how to resolve the complaint. If you want to complain about an item, you can return the item and send us a written complaint at e-mail salg@da.pink-mule.com or per. mail to our address. If accessories are included, the number and product description must be included. If accessories are included that do not immediately appear on the enclosed description, Pink-mule.com cannot be held responsible for any loss of these effects. Items must be returned with an invoice copy / order number, where the time of purchase for the advertised product appears, as the item will otherwise be discarded until there is an invoice copy and error message on the product. The item is sent securely packaged to: Flapour UG C / O: Pink-mule.com Kanalholmen 22 2650 Hvidovre Mrk: Complaint + (Your order number)
Note: we do not accept packages sent by post. cash on delivery or similar. Parcels sent to parcel shops are not picked up. Packages must be sent directly to our address in Hvidovre. Submission of the defective item is initially at the expense of the buyer. If the complaint is justified, we will of course reimburse your shipping costs (the cheapest shipping method). You can also contact us to receive a return label by e-mail, which costs DKK 50, after which the package with label must be handed in to your local GLS Pakkeshop. Remember to save your receipt for the freight if you take care of the freight yourself. Pink-mule.com does not offer replacement products or loan products during the warranty period. If you have sent an item in for cancellation or complaint, you will receive an email when we have received the item. In the email, you will receive information about the further process in connection with the processing of your cancellation / complaint. In the event of a complaint, Pink-mule.com reserves the right to test the submitted product (s). A test period of 1-2 weeks must be expected, depending on the type of complaint. In the event of a rejected complaint, where an error or defect, defined and stated by the customer, is not found, the item will be returned to the customer (at the customer's expense). If the item is to be exchanged, an original serial number must be presented - the item's serial number is printed on the original packaging. If a serial number is not generated, product replacement will unfortunately not be possible. Complaints due to default or poor maintenance will generally be rejected. All submitted products are tested at Pink-mule.com after normal use. If a product is tested flawlessly, an invoice will be sent for time consumption ifbm. troubleshooting for the consumer of DKK 250 incl. VAT. If you have received the wrong goods, and these are used before a solution is found between Pink-mule and the buyer, the purchase and the delivered goods are considered to be approved by the buyer, and new / correct goods will not be returned. Reference is also made to section 78 of the Danish Sales Act for procedure regarding complaints.

1. If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact our customer service via chat at Pink-mule.com, phone: 7199 3659 or by e-mail sales@da.pink-mule.com.

2. If we did not succeed in finding a solution, you can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution, the House of Boards, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via the Complaints Portal for the House of Boards at the following link: https://kpo.naevneneshus.dk/Public/ChooseLoginProvider?returnUrl=https://kpo.naevneneshus.dk/External The European Commission's online complaints portal can also be used to lodge a complaint. It is particularly relevant for consumers residing in another EU country. Complaints can be submitted here - https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage. When submitting a complaint, you must enter our e-mail address salg@da.pink-mule.com.

Special provisions for traders

1. Terms of sale for traders are referred to as commercial purchases and follow the 'Executive Order on Purchase Act'.

2. There is no right of withdrawal for traders.

3. A 6-month right of complaint applies from the original invoice date with the exception of consumables such as batteries, etc., where only a 3-month right of complaint is granted, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Replacement or repair does not result in a new 1-year warranty period.

5. In the event of complaints, the buyer bears the cost of returning the item to Pink-mule.com. Prices and illustrative photos at Pink-mule.com

1. All consumer prices are stated in Danish kroner, incl. Danish VAT. For business login / B2B, the prices will be stated without Danish VAT.

2. Our prices are updated regularly. It is the applicable price when you place your order that you have to pay. Stated prices for the individual products are exclusive of any delivery costs. Please note that reservations are made that images displayed by items on the website may differ from the item's actual appearance (color, shade). Images displayed are for guidance only. The actual appearance of the item may differ from the illustration displayed on the website. 4. Subsequently, no discount is granted retroactively if an item falls in price after you have placed your order at Pink-mule.com. 5. Reservations are made for any. typing errors on Pink-mule.com.

Business information Flapour UG Alter Kirchenweg 83 24983 Handewitt DE 1529026478 Tel: +45 7199 3659 Email: support@pink-mule.com ———— Personal Information / Info about Data Processing. 1. To enter into an agreement with us, we need the following information: Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. We register your personal information for the purpose of being able to deliver the item to you (find information about your previous purchases and payment data), to be able to comply with your requests and to be able to send you newsletters and marketing. We do not pass on your information to third parties - however, it may be passed on in connection with a restructuring or sale of our activity. All processing and transfer of personal data will take place in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Your e-mail and telephone number will be electronically transmitted to our freight forwarders in order to perform a track and trace information, as well as send notifications of delivered orders. 2. The data responsible is Efuma ApS, Kanalholmen 22, 2650 Hvidovre, and you can by contacting us get information about what is registered about you. The registered information is stored for 5 years in accordance with the Accounting Act. 3. When personal information is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving your express consent, so that you are informed about exactly what information is collected and why. Only the data controller has access to all your information in our system. You can read how we process your data in our privacy policy. Copyright / Copying All images and texts on Pink-mule.com are produced by your own photographer / copywriter and are therefore subject to copyright law. All copied texts from Pink-mule.com will be tracked and considered copyright infringement. It is not permitted to use images, text or other material from Pink-mule.com without the written permission of the rights holders: Efuma ApS. Copyright infringement will result in damages without notice. Telephonic contact Calls to and from Pink-mule.com may be recorded for later internal use. Terms and Conditions v.01052018